Initial Assessment is the first stage of treatment. It involves gathering information from your present symptoms as well as information from your past. All of this information is used to determine the appropriate diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Psychological Evaluations

Psychological Evaluations are sometimes necessary to look deeper into an individual’s personality and cognitive functioning to assist in diagnosis. Psychological testing often involves a combination of tests administered including intellectual testing, achievement testing and personality testing.   Testing can be a very useful tool to determine appropriate diagnosis and to make appropriate treatment recommendations. Psychological evaluations are sometimes required for an individual’s situation and these individuals do not necessarily need psychotherapy; furthermore,   individuals entering into psychotherapy do not always need a psychological evaluation.   Depending on your needs it will be determined whether you require a psychological evaluation and if so, what tests are necessary to answer the referring question.


Psychotherapy is a process of making sense out of our lives and understanding old patterns of behavior and current symptoms that are causing problems.   There are different types of psychotherapy and some work better depending upon your diagnosis.   What type of therapy options are available to you will be discussed during the initial assessment.