Appointments – Information – FAQ’s

Office hours are Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm. The last appointment will be scheduled at 4pm. The possibility of having after hours or weekend appointments can be discussed during the initial assessment.

Call the office………. And leave your name, phone number and a convenient time for a return phone call. Dr. Belk will call you back the same day and schedule an appointment with you for the next available time.

The initial assessment will last approximately 60 minutes (face to face).


Individuals ages 6 and older for psychological testing. Dr. Belk sees children, adolescents and adults in psychotherapy. Dr. Belk also provides family and couples therapy.

Dr. Belk accepts several insurance plans including: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Cross Blue Shield Magellan, Medicare, Medicaid, Scott & White, Scott & White Right Care, Superior Medicaid, Tricare and United Behavioral Health. You will be informed prior to your first appointment whether you will be responsible for a co-payment.

All service charges are by the hour regardless of whether psychotherapy or psychological testing are performed. Services are charged at:

Psychological assessment 150.00

Psychotherapy 125.00

Psychological testing 125.00

As a psychologist, Dr. Belk cannot write prescriptions. If your treatment requires medication, a referral to a psychiatrist or your primary care physician will be made.

Come into the office and have a seat. Dr. Belk will meet you and ask you to fill out some basic information. When you are finished you will enter the office and you will be asked about what things are troubling you. You will be asked about your background, medical history, previous and current medications and family history. After all of the information is gathered the best course of treatment will be determined and discussed with you.

For psychological evaluations, you will be rescheduled for an appointment time that will take up to 3 hours of face to face testing time. After testing, test data will be scored and an evaluation will be written and made available to you or to the referral source.

For psychotherapy, you will be rescheduled usually every week or two depending upon your diagnosis, progress and based upon availability. Psychotherapy sessions usually are scheduled for 60 minutes.

All aspects of your treatment are confidential and will not be discussed without your request or knowledge.


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